Getting X Windows on a Windows computer Almost all non-Windows computers use X-Windows for their graphics including Mac OS, Linux, Solaris and other types of Unix. To view telemetry and plots from NRL you will need X windows. For graphic displays a high speed internet connection is highly recommended.

1. There is a full featured Linux derived set of software that provides X Windows and Unix/Linux utilities such as ssh, rsync, cvs called Cygwin. It is free and easily downloaded but will take about 1 GB of disk space. Download and install it from

After doing the basic install of cygwin, install ssh by installing Open SSL and Open SSH with the Cygwin setup. Look in the Net section.

To use the cygwin X server, start cygwin, type 'startx'. Test the X server by typing 'xlogo'. You should see a window with an 'X' open.

Once the X server is verified as running, use ssh with the -Y switch to login onto a remote compute e.g ssh -Y

2. There are other standalone programs that provide X windows on PC. These have the advantage of taking up less disk space than Cygwin. We use a various kinds here at NRL including Excursion and Web Term X. Web Term X is provided to NRL users via a site license. To actually make the connection to NRL, a terminal program named Putty provides SSH encryption. Putty is available to NRL users from Computational Support.