"Blended" EUVI Movies

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new data set for the STEREO/SECCHI mission: blended EUVI movies!

We took our wavelet-enhanced images from the SECCHI Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUVI) and blended them in two pairs (195 and 171 Angstroms, and 195 and 304 Angstroms) to produce these beautiful views that take advantage of EUVI's large field-of-view and provide us with the most extensive views of the solar corona available.
We have provided here some sample half-resolution movies.  

Direct downloads

If you can't see the above movies, want to save them to your computer, or want higher resolution, right-click the following links and choose the "save link as..." option:  

Data Availability

We have files for the entire SECCHI EUVI mission (~March 2007 - Present) processed in this way.