Please revise your old Team Projects summary if you have submitted one previously, or submit a new form now.  Two new questions have been added, on your commitment to complete your analysis tool by STEREO launch, and if you plan to submit it to the Solar Software Library. Please send plain text completed forms by email to 3DR&V Team Leader.

The goal is coordination among team members so that everyone knows what efforts are being pursued, and by who.  There is no penalty for changing your mind on any aspect of your project!!


Welcome to the home page of the SECCHI 3D Reconstruction and Visualization Team. To organize the work of the scientific software preparations for launch of SECCHI on STEREO, scientific teams were formed from the SECCHI investigators. The other two science teams are the Space Weather and the MHD Modeling teams.

We intend this to be a public web site, where anyone from the scientific community can follow our efforts to prepare computer software for the scientific analysis of the SECCHI observations. We also invite scientists from outside the SECCHI consortium to join us on the 3D team efforts. We describe below the procedure to join our 3D team.

The purpose of the 3D team is to coordinate the efforts made by the individual team members, so that everyone knows what everyone else is working on; to ensure that every task which needs to be accomplished in preparation for the mission has someone working on it; and to push the team efforts toward final software products for use by SECCHI, ready and tested before STEREO launch.

Please ask to join the 3D team only if you intend to do significant work aimed at a final product for SECCHI, NOT if you are just interested in the subject. Anyone is free to follow the team efforts, but the purpose of joining the team is to work.

Software promised in the SECCHI proposal

We summarize the scientific software products to be developed in the areas of 3D reconstruction and visualization, taken from the original SECCHI proposal (full proposal).

Outside scientists

We welcome participation by outside, non-consortium scientists who wish to join the 3D team. The method for joining us is described here.

Email communication

Individual team members can be reached by email to the above addresses. A majordomo email list handler is available. Full instructions are here. There is a "stereo3d" mailing list with the above members. Team members can distribute a message to all team members by sending the message to the address stereo3d@ares.nrl.navy.mil . Messages are archived. A second list, of all SECCHI investigators, is "stereo-all." Some 3D team messages of wider interest are sent to this list.

Past SECCHI consortium meetings

There have been five SECCHI consortium meetings, each with a half-day 3D session. CD-ROMs of material from the first two meetings were distributed. We give a link to this material.

STEREO workshops

Joe Davila is running a NASA-funded series of STEREO workshops. The first workshop, with several sessions devoted to 3D reconstruction, was held March 18-20, 2002, in Paris. The workshop website has many items of potential interest: First STEREO Workshop.

Team efforts

The 3D team seems to naturally break down into several groups of scientists at individual institutions, and some single scientists. Follow links below to learn about the various efforts underway by the 3D team members:

For a combined list of the science tools which are under development by our science team members, and their state as of April 9, 2004, see this pdf.

Further individual projects which we know about:

Helpful additional SECCHI links