SECCHI data access

All SECCHI FITS data is available online through this website. Access is provided directly to the individual directories that contain the data. We recommend the use of a tool such as wget to download data in bulk.

Use the below menus to generate the url for the date you are interested in. Clicking the "Open URL in New Tab" button will open that link in a new tab. You will then be presented with a directory listing for that day of data, assuming we have observations for that day.


The following button will generate a wget command based on the input url, above. This command should download all .fts files from the specified url, and save them in a directory structure that mimics the website url. That is, it will create a directory called "" and all necessary subfolders below that, and will store all .fts files for the specified day within this structure. The documentation for wget provides a number of alternative options for the directory structure of downloaded files.

IMPORTANT: any wget commands should be verified by the user and closely monitored during downloading to ensure that the correct files are being downloaded into the expected directory structure. Users must also ensure they have enough disk space for the download process.


Please note that there is no spacecraft "B" data after 2014, due to loss of contact with the spacecraft.

Other data sources

SECCHI FITS data is also archived by NASA GSFC, and can be obtained via this top-level directory listing: However, note that NASA servers do not currently allow wget commands, and thus files must be downloaded individually.


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