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SECCHI Synoptic Map Pipeline 

Processing Status

Tuesday August 27, 2019: The Synoptic Map tool needs to be updated in order to continue working, we will have an update when this happens.

Wednesday May 2, 2012: we are experiencing server problems so we will not be able to update the maps at this time. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.

Latest News

Thursday March 8 2012

Some PNGs for the COR2 images are missing when using the Quick Look Browser: we are working on creating these missing files.

Thursday April 8 2010

Our image server has been fixed last week. The maps should now be roughly up to date.

Thursday September 3 2009

Release of the EUVI 171 limb maps.

Friday July 25 2008

Several things has been released this week: here is the list of what's now available:

  • Finally, the EUVI Carrington maps.
  • The beta version of the Quick Look Browser: try it, it's very useful to browse the SECCHI images using synoptic maps and locate events of interests.
  • A monthly summary of all the synoptic maps.
  • A summary of the Carrington maps for a given rotation number.

Monday March 24 2008

pB COR2 maps are now available. There is still a problem with months of March, April and May 2007.

Friday February 22 2008

The SECCHI synoptic and Carrington map web page is open to the outside world. Only pB COR1 maps have been processed so far.


  1. Processing of the HI1 maps.
  2. Processing of the HI2 maps.
  3. Documentation.
  4. Reprocessing of all the maps with latest calibrations and correction of defaults when possible.