SECCHI - Solar Physics Branch - Naval Research Laboratory


Science Operations Manual (DW) - This manual covers the flight software image scheduling and image processing, the planning tool interface, and other information useful for planning observations.

Required Planning Tool details for various observations PlanningTool_Obs_Details.ppt

Synoptic Program Plans

Calibration and Special Programs

Tables and Scripts

Descriptions in Operations Manual (above). See Table Management for explanation of different directories.


Concept of Operations

  • SECCHI image scheduling is primarily by relative time schedules
e.g. run schedule yymmddhh.sch starting at 0000 hours UTC. The SECCHI instruments have EEPROM space for many blocks of schedule that can run various lengths of time on board. Additional schedules can be uploaded as needed.
We intend to have schedule blocks that support various types of campaigns. We have some pre-defined schedule blocks in EEPROM in flight.